Department of Tennessee Officers


2018 - 2019


Kenneth L. Kotchevar 


Tri-Cities TN. 969

Senior Vice Commandant Albert M. DeWitt 

Sgt W.K. Singleton Set 476

Junior Vice Commandant Bryce B. West


Capt. Jack Holland Det. 735

Judge Advocate Glen Barry Evans, PDC

Music City Det. 378

Junior Past Commandant David R. Hatfield, PDC

Lt. A Bonnyman, Det 924

Adjutant Gerald W. Jesch

BG Austin C. Shofner 1128

Paymaster Lee Rhinemiller

Lt.A. Bonneyman 924

Chaplain Terry J. Witt

TN Smoky Mtn Detach 1206

Sergeant-at-Arms Ronald M. Russell

TN Smoky Mtn Detach 1206

Web-Sergeant Larry H. Bevil

Tricities TN Det 969


Staff/Special Staff

Div. Vice Commandant West Tennessee James D.

Jack Holland Det 735

Div. Vice Commandant Central Tennessee Ronald E.

Mule Town 1286

Div. Vice Commandant East Tennessee David R.
Hatfield, PDC

Lt. Bonneyman Det 924

Legislative  Officer  

Kerry T. Hightower


Mule Town Det. 1286

Parliamentarian  Glen Barry Evans, PDC

Music City Det 738

Protocol Officer Karl A. Ekstrom

Lt. Bonneyman Det 924

Department Service Officer John T. Hicks

Tri-Cities, TN 969

Historian Eric P. Nash

Lt. Bonneyman Det 924

VAVS Representative Gerald W. Jesch

BGen Austin Shofner 1128

UTVA Liaison Edward M. Evans, PDC

Music City Det 378

M4L Liaison
William A. Conner, Jr

Chattanooga Det. 518

Boy Scout Liaison Bryce West

Capt Jack Holland Det 735

Toys For Tots Liaison Terry J. Witt

Tenn Smoky Mtn Det 1206

TN Pack MODD Liaison Ronald M. Russell

Smoly Mountain Pound 271

MCL Auxiliary Liaison Patricia Mullins

President. Department of Tennessee MCLA

Young Marines Liaison David J. Assfalg

Commander, Tennessee Rgmt Young Marines

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