Discussion of Officer Duties

 The following information is provided to assist Detachments in the selection of officers, assisting members in determining their interest and capability in an office, and to provide an outline of possible job functions that can be carried out by each officer what the Board of Trustees and members should expect from the incumbents of each office.

Please note that there are some duties that are specifically required for each officer.  However, there are also some functions that may be optional or delegated based on individual capabilities.  Keeping in mind the section on Functions and Objectives of the Detachment, some leadership requirements are to be determined by the Detachment in consideration of plans and capabilities. 

A general comment can be made regarding all Detachment offices.  First, an interest and willingness to serve is a major factor for consideration of any office.  Second, every office is important and will require time, effort, and commitment to minimally meet the needs of the Detachment.  Members should consider the time and commitment required when deciding whether to accept an officers position - factors of work, family life, and other outside pressures have to be accounted for before a commitment can really be made.

Qualified officer candidates will not generally possess all of the characteristics, traits and skills that are useful to a particular office.  The listing that follows describes attributes that may be desirable.  Each candidate, and each Detachment should decide those talents that are of importance to the genre of the Detachment, and which characteristics can be acquired through training/education.

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     Detachment Commandant
     Detachment Senior Vice Commandant
     Detachment Junior Vice Commandant
     Detachment Judge Advocate
     Detachment Junior Past Commandant
     Detachment Adjutant
     Detachment Paymaster
     Detachment Chaplin
     Detachment Sergeant-At-Arms


A special thanks to the Department of California for their insight in producing a Guidebook.  Many of their ideas have been reproduced here.


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