The Junior Past Commandant is normally the immediate past Commandant of the Detachment.  Generally, this office, depending on Detachment by-laws, should hold a position on the Officer Board, or Board of Trustees.

The role of the Junior Past Commandant (JPC) is to provide guidance and counsel to the Detachment Commandant and other officers.  He/she should assist in providing continuity from one administration of officers to the next.  His/her experience, background, and knowledge should be utilized for purposes of educating and assisting officers.  The JPC can be invaluable in assignments that assist the Commandant, and in introducing the Commandant and officers to outside contacts that are necessary to Detachment programs.

The JPC can help provide rationale for past decisions and directions, experiences learned, and direction for incomplete objectives and/or unfinished plans.  The JPC should be considered a resource to be used by the Board of Trustees and Staff Officers in accomplishing their assignments.






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